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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Georgia Tech Team

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011. Today's entry discusses our favorite Georgia Tech teams. Which team stands out in your mind as something special and why? As always, we encourage you to tell us your story!


Lately, I have read about the Georgia Tech days of old especially the 1952 National Championship team. I call the Bobby Dodd Era the "Golden Age of Georgia Tech football." It was when we were prominent members of the Southeastern Conference. In 1952, the Jackets went undefeated and there is a mystique about that team that will forever want me to learn more about that era in football. However, my all-time favorite Tech team is the 1998 Yellow Jacket squad, the ACC Co-Champions.

I was 11 years old and living in Dayton, Ohio. I had been a Tech fan for a long time but this specific year was one where I actually felt like the team was mine. I followed Joe Hamilton through Wes Durham's voice by way of streaming the games over the internet. Week after week, I would sit on a chair in front of the computer listening to the games.

I remember Dez White, Kelly Campbell, Joe Burns, and ornery George O'Leary....and of course Joe Hamilton. The man was my hero during his time at Tech. He could do no wrong, and even today no matter his mistakes, Tech fans sweep it under the rug and continue to make him a Tech favorite. Twice I have had the opportunity of meeting him and it has been great experiences.

Two games stick out in my mind from that season: Virginia and georgie. I believe the 'Hoos game was homeocoming. Nevertheless, Virginia was ranked #6 and we were down early and we battled back in the 4th quarter for a dramatic 41-38 victory.

And naturally, I especially remember the 1998 matchup against the bulldogs but nothing about the game unfortunately. We were up in Cleveland, Ohio for Thanksgiving with the grandparents. The game was not on TV so we went golfing. Golfing?! Really?! Yes, really, we went golfing. Well, we were driving home, scanning the radio for sports updates trying to hear the results. We heard the announcer mentioning Brad Chambers' field goal in the final seconds for the win and our car erupted. It was a great great feeling.

And finally, a last memory of this team. I was rummaging through some old VHS tapes at my parents place a while back and I stumbled upon the 1999 Gator Bowl against Notre Dame I had taped for my dad who was out of town. I specifically remember Lil' Joe catching a TD pass from whom I believe was Kelly Campbell. Good times were had in 1998.

So like I said, it was this team that made my Georgia Tech fanhood actually mine. I understood what it meant to beat big teams, the pain that comes with a loss and the jubilation that comes with victory. The 1998 team hold special places for all fans because of the accomplishments they reached, but they hold the same amount of sentimental value for me.

Now it's your turn! Who is your favorite Georgia Tech team?