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Kicking Off The Football Season With EA Sports And NCAA 11


If you are like me, you measure the football offseason, AKA "The Dead Period", through specific segmentation. Once the bowl game is over, I focus a little bit on other sports, mainly basketball and baseball to get me through to spring practices which are open to the public and which culminate in the form of the Spring Game. The event allows us to catch a glimpse at the new coaches, players, and hopefully even at a new wrinkle in the offense. After the Spring Game, I begin looking forward to EA Sports NCAA 11 and to begin building yet another dynasty at Georgia Tech. Fan Day and the Kickoff Luncheon wrap things up in the final month as we anticipate September 4th.

Which is why Bird and I are extremely excited to announce that EA Sports has asked to sponsor a week's worth of posts dedicated to the love and passion of college football which will lead up to the release of the video game itself. They weren't interested in anything specific, they just want to see the discussion sparked and the excitement beginning. The joke is clearly on them because we have never stopped talking about football!

Every day Bird or I will open up with a post designed to bring out the community discussion. We want all of your input!

Monday: Where I Come From: How I Became A Georgia Tech Fan

Tuesday: My All-Time Favorite Georgia Tech Team

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions: The Things We Do And What Makes Them Great

                                   Bonus input: Share your favorite tailgate food and recipe!

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Georgia Tech Players

Friday: Most Memorable Georgia Tech Moments: Which Moments Define Our Fandom

Monday: Expectations For The Season: Why  We're Excited

Tuesday: NCAA Football 11 Debuts: It's Christmas In July!

Go Jackets!