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Media Selects Pre-Season All-ACCers. GT Continues Their Trek Under The Radar

They picked us 3rd in the Coastal Division. Why should we have any players on the All-ACC list? The Preseason All-ACC list was just released this morning and Sean Bedford is the only Yellow Jacket to be selected.

One could get upset at this "slap to the face" of the defending conference champions. Or one can shrug it off, say "Screw it. Who cares?" and go watch your team prove more people wrong...again. I'll take the latter thank you very much. What matters is who has that ring and who makes the list at the END of the season.

All-ACC list courtesy of Doug Roberson

Pos. Name (Votes)

WR Donovan Varner, Duke (27)

WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (19)

TE George Bryan, NC State (21)

T Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (43)

T Chris Hairston, Clemson (21)

G Rodney Hudson, Florida State (43)

G Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (21)

C Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (25)

QB Christian Ponder, Florida State (35)

RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (45)

RB Montel Harris, Boston College (30)

Pos. Name (Votes)

DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina (47)

DE Allen Bailey, Miami (31)

DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina (32)

DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (27)

LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (34)

LB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina (32)

LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College (25)

CB Kendric Burney, North Carolina (27)

CB Brandon Harris, Miami (26)

S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (48)

S Deunta Williams, North Carolina (41)

Pos. Name (Votes)

PK Matt Bosher, Miami (32)

P Matt Bosher, Miami (20)

SP Torrey Smith, Maryland (24)


The Georgia Institute of Technology: Flying under the radar and sneaking up on you since 1892.

Who are your preseason All-ACC "snubs"?