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Five Things I Believe About 2010 Georgia Tech Football

Here are five things I believe will happen during the 2010 football season in no particular order. Do you agree or disagree?

5. We will never get the credit (or media attention) we deserve

And I am ok with that. Historically we have never gotten the media attention until it was "too late" for them to change their picks. And why should we expect it now? No, let them fall in love (again) with North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Florida State, and I'll take my ACC Championship at the end of the season thank you very much. It is more fun and intense to play as the underdog.

4. Anthony Allen is going to be a better B-Back than Jonathan Dwyer ever was

We return three experienced offensive linemen to the field this year and have one experienced backup in Phil "Philthy" Smith. Add that to Anthony Allen's overall physical qualities and the simple nature of the B-Back in the offense and you have a recipe for success. Allen is cut,lean, quick and mean. The A-Back position was a filler position for him last year and this season he will come into his own.

We will soon realize that the B-Back is a solid position. And whomever the starter is will rack up near 1,000 yard seasons consistently.

3. Our defense will be far improved from last year

Can the defense actually worsen?  With Al Groh solely focusing on defense this year, I feel confident in seeing better statistical numbers for 2010 even with the needed adjustment to the 3-4.

2. Passing capabilities will NOT only be used in desperate situations         

Last year, we passed 17% of the time on 1st down, 13% on 2nd down, 33% on 3rd down and 31% on 4th down. Our passing was clearly top heavy. This year I believe our passing game will improve and we will use it because we want to, not because we have to. The Jackets will use it to keep the defense honest and they will use it to the benefit of the running game overall because....

1. Our offense will increase in production and efficiency

This will primarily be in the running game and passing will simply be a tool we use. Before many football games we will hear boasting about how defenses have figured out our offense. This.Will.Not.Happen. As our system continues to be implemented, we will only get better. In Paul Johnson's 25+ years of coaching, nobody has "figured it out". What's one more years of the triple option? Look for more yards and better efficiencies in 2010.