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Here's A Random Link Dump From What We've Been Reading

Check out some of the blog content we have been reading over the past few days....

How Can You be Taken Seriously Dressed Like a Clown? - Shakin The Southland
The Clemson Tigers dress like fools...but we already knew that anyway

Scientific proof of sentient offense in the ACC - Dr. Saturday
It's ACC Week  over at Dr. Saturday. Here, he discusses the rise of the offense in the ACC

Did the spread really evolve from the single-wing? | Smart Football
Chris from SmartFootball breaks down some single-wing football in search for the answer.

Basketball...wait what? Yes basketballl

How I Think The NCAA Should’ve Formatted Its "First Four" " Riddick & Reynolds
Formerly YANNCSB, James Curle forgets about football and talks NCAA Basketball Tournament and the NCAA has messed with the seeding a little too much.

The NCAA Abandons All Pretense That You Should Care About Their New Tournament Games - Carolina March
T.H. of Carolina March continues in the same fashion as James Curle. Why the new format just isn't fun anymore...