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Here's A Random Link Dump From What We've Been Reading

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Check out some of the blog content we have been reading over the past few days....

How Can You be Taken Seriously Dressed Like a Clown? - Shakin The Southland
The Clemson Tigers dress like fools...but we already knew that anyway

Scientific proof of sentient offense in the ACC - Dr. Saturday
It's ACC Week  over at Dr. Saturday. Here, he discusses the rise of the offense in the ACC

Did the spread really evolve from the single-wing? | Smart Football
Chris from SmartFootball breaks down some single-wing football in search for the answer.

Basketball...wait what? Yes basketballl

How I Think The NCAA Should’ve Formatted Its "First Four" " Riddick & Reynolds
Formerly YANNCSB, James Curle forgets about football and talks NCAA Basketball Tournament and the NCAA has messed with the seeding a little too much.

The NCAA Abandons All Pretense That You Should Care About Their New Tournament Games - Carolina March
T.H. of Carolina March continues in the same fashion as James Curle. Why the new format just isn't fun anymore...