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Tech's Postseason History under Danny Hall

Danny Hall
Danny Hall
As we all know, Tech is hosting the Atlanta Regional this weekend. Since the modern Super Regional system's origination in 1999, Tech has hosted 7 regionals. In all but two of these 7 seasons, Tech advanced to Super Regionals and was the host in all 5 of these Super Regionals. Unfortunately, we've only advanced twice to the College World Series from the 5 hosted Super Regionals since 1999.

Since Danny Hall has been Tech's coach, Tech has been selected to the NCAA field 15 of 17 seasons (missed in 1999 and 2008). Tech has been the first or second seeded team in the regional every year except for 1 of those 15 berths (1995). Here is Tech's record in regional play based on seeding:


As a 1 seed in regional play, Tech has outscored opponents 9-5 on average but when Tech is not the 1 seed, Tech has been outscored on average 6-8. Statistically speaking, we've gotta be a 1 seed to advance. And thankfully, we are.

As Tech advances to Super Regional play, the competition obviously stiffens. Tech is only 4-6 in Super Regional Play and when playing schools from major conferences, Tech is 0-6 in Super Regional games. The bright side is that Tech has outscored opponents on average 6-5 in Super Regional play.

We have advanced to the College World Series 3 times in Danny Hall's run (1994, 2002, 2006). We're due for another run, FYI. In 9 CWS games, Tech won 4 and lost 5. Tech has scored 6 runs per game but allowed 5.8 runs per game in the College World Series (albeit our average margin of defeat in those 6 losses was 4 runs).

The final tidbit of info I'm gonna throw at you is common opponents. Tech has played 38 different teams from 18 states in the NCAA Tournament since Danny Hall took over. The most played state is South Carolina as we've played 12 games against 5 different schools from South Carolina. For reference, we've played 9 games against 3 different schools from Georgia. Here's a rundown of the most played universities during Danny Hall's postseason run at Georgia Tech:


Out of the major conferences, Tech only has a winning record in NCAA tournament play against the Big 12 (3-2) and Big East (2-0). The ACC (1-2), SEC (8-12), and Pac 10 (2-6) have winning records against Tech since 1999 in NCAA tournament play.