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FromTheRumbleSeat's Georgia Tech Memorabilia Challenge!

Let's play a game that helps us pass through the stretch of summer. We got the idea from The Key Play and TNIAAM (woohoo originality!) It's a memorabilia-off and this is your chance to win the bragging rights.


  1. You post photos of your favorite Georgia Tech memorabilia. It can be as simple as flags off the Ramblin' Reck, bumper stickers, ticket stubs, or personalized autographs. We'll make this a featured post so you can always find it in the right sidebar and constantly remind you to upload your pictures! 
  2. Before summer camps begins, we'll break all the submissions up in to categories: oldest, rarest, funniest, and most obnoxious (make fun of the opponents!). Then we'll vote for the winners.
  3. Special category for "Best piece that has a georgie story" attached to it.
  4. The top two finishers in each category will be up for a final vote, Best in Show.
  5. Prizes will be awards for all category winners which will be determined at a later date.
  6. No submission limits but each item will be placed in one category

Questions? Let us know in the comments or through email at fromtherumbleseat [at] gmail [dot] com.