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GT reppin' it up in South Africa

Georgia Tech alumni in the stands of the US-Slovenia match.
Georgia Tech alumni in the stands of the US-Slovenia match.

The World Cup brought a sea of foreigners to the Southern tip of Africa. My fellow GT alumni and FTRS reader, Yakub2, made the trip down for the World Cup. He's pictured above amongst two other Tech alumni (one who he traveled with and another who coincidentally sat right next to them)...

I receive random text messages from Yakub2 like the following:
A European just told me we shouldn't be good at soccer ever. I told them we would donkey punch them all if our best athletes played the game.

This message was received at 6:52 PM so it was 12:52 AM South Africa time. Crazy Europeans out past midnight.


Wait a second, I thought vuvuzelas were loved by all?!?


One can only assume what part of the ostrich this is...Yakub2 says...

...most of the fans I've seen in no particular order: USA, Brazil, Argentina, England, and Mexico.

Thanks goes out to Yakub and the other Tech alumni who made the trip. The World Cup has been pretty intriguing from an American perspective. Hopefully, we can claim our first WC victory in 8 years.