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Wednesday Linkage

NBA Draft
First off, Ryan McNeill of the interviewed Gani Lawal about the upcoming NBA Draft. McNeill told me:
I figure these guys get asked a lot of standard questions - and I admit I threw some standard stuff out there - but I was still able to get some unique questions while getting his sense of humor to shine through.
Calvin Johnson & EA Sports
I like looking up old Tech players and how they're performing in the pros. As I was looking up Calvin the other day, I ran across this piece on the Lions SBN site, which basically said Calvin is pretty good at breaking tackles for a wide receiver. We all knew this already. Then, through digging deeper, I found the main piece that's not pay-to-read on broken tackle rates for all of the NFL offenses and defenses.

For the EA Sports Madden Fans, the rookie ratings have been released. Here's a pdf with all of the rookies' ratings. For those with a slow internet connection, Derrick Morgan was the highest rated defensive end at 79 overall, which tied him with Jason Pierre-Paul as the best rated DE out of the rookies. Morgan Burnett was hurt by an awareness rating of 29, which I don't really understand. He was awarded an overall rating of 70. And finally, Demaryius Thomas was the fastest of the rookies (even ahead of Spiller) at 96 speed. Thomas was the third highest rated WR behind Dez Bryant and Golden Tate at 74 overall.

College Stuff
Brian and Jeff break down total ACC titles for all sports since full expansion revealing Boston College to be a very sad title-barren university. Georgia Tech fell in at 5th behind UVA, FSU, Duke, and UNC. If this chart were broken down by titles/team, then GT would move up to 4th and UNC would fall to 5th. Pretty impressive for the 8th largest enrollment of the ACC. And if one of Radakovich's goals was to improve the overall quality of GT's nonrevenue sports, then he's definitely accomplishing this goal.

Speaking of Dwight K. Nesbitt, the Heisman odds are out. Christian Ponder and Jacory Harris' odds of winning the Heisman are about four times greater than Joshua Nesbitt's. CFN doesn't seem to agree on the Vegas linemakers as they project Nesbitt as the third best QB returning in the ACC.