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Wednesday Linkage

Derrick Favors vs. Demarcus Cousins
In case you haven't heard, the Nets are staging a one on one competition to determine who they will draft: Derrick Favors or Kentucky's Demarcus Cousins. According to Yahoo!, the Nets are leaning towards Favors:
Sources say Nets general manager Rod Thorn is leaning toward drafting Favors, but wants to see him in some contact drills with Cousins...The Nets have a talented young center with Brook Lopez and see Favors fitting into the power forward spot.
Essentially, the Nets want to see if Cousins is limited to playing with his back to the basket. The majority of Kentucky fans, obviously, think Favors' agent is a loon but I think Favors will put up a favorable showing. Favors has superior athleticism and has more upside. It would take an utter collapse for Favors not to be taken over Cousins.

Conference Expansion
The first interesting bit I've read about conference expansion was from none other than Black Heart Gold Pants. Essentially, conference expansion violates the terms of the Iowa-ISU rivalry contract. It made me wonder what the terms of the Tech-uga rivalry game are and how an SEC expansion (or ACC destruction) would affect the annual Thanksgiving Hatefest. If anyone can find a link to the Tech-uga contract or article with information about it, that'd be super cool.

College Football
Georgia Tech ranks as the 28th most expensive cheap seats in college football. Virginia Tech, NC State, UNC, and Clemson are the only ACC schools where their cheapest seats are more expensive than Tech's. The average cost for an ACC "cheap seat" season ticket: $221.58. The SEC: $345.92. Here's more analysis on the topic.

Rivals is releasing its Top 100 players for the 2010 season. They have vastly underrated Joshua Nesbitt at #89.

Scout previews the November 13 dance off between Miami and Georgia Tech. There are also in depth previews of the 2010 roster linked in the article.