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The Ultimate Sports City Round 2: New York vs. Dallas

This tournament continues and rivals the NBA finals for "Longest Playoff Ever". Today we look at the 2nd round matchup of NYC and Dallas. Please include anything we may have forgotten in the comments for either city.

New York City, New York

Intracity Rivalries

Oh man, where do we begin? Speaking strictly from a baseball perspective you have the New York Yankees and New York Mets, two different franchises with different fanbases. At one point you had the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, Yankees, and Mets all playing in the city. It wasn't intracity rivalries, it was neighborhood rivalries that helped develop the game as a whole for the country.

For football, it's the same issue. The Jets vs. The Giants, 2 squads, 1 stadium. A rivalry for fans and attention from the media but surprisingly not as much against each other as one might think. The two franchises rarely play each other.

Intercity Rivalries

If you're a sports fan you know about Yankees/Red Sox. ESPN won't let you hear the end of it. But how about some local flavor....Braves vs. Mets. Inter-division teams are rivals from the beginning. However, the Braves and Mets have a rivalry that goes a little deeper. It goes back (at least) to the John Rocker days when he told New York how he felt about them. It continued when Tom Glavine left the Braves for the Mets.

The NFL's NFC East Division has quite some interesting rivalries itself and it swirls in New York. The Giants, being one of the oldest franchises continuously have issues with the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles. In fact, the Giants/Eagles rivalry is the oldest rivalry in the NFC, dating back to 1933.

Dallas, TX

Intracity Rivalries

We could call the TCU / SMU / North Texas football games as rivalries but let's be honest, TCU owns them all. Dallas focuses on one distinct rivalry in the NFL.

Intercity Rivalries

In the words of Wikipedia: Perhaps no NFL rivalry has had more national spotlight than the Cowboys–Redskins rivalry. Whether it was Landry vs. Allen or Landry vs. Gibbs, or Staubach vs. Theismann, or Dorsett vs. Riggins, the two annual Cowboys vs. Redskins games are a big deal no matter what the records are.

Whether you like the Cowboys/Redskins or not, this is a football game that you watch. You simply understand the rivalry and the intensity of the matchup.