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Robert Hall Arrested and Suspended

Note: Coley Harvey broke this story. This is simply a summary. The entire article can be read on the link below.

Last weekend defensive lineman Robert Hall was arrested on charges of battery. Today it was announced by Paul Johnson that Hall was suspended indefinitely. The woman accusing Hall of battery is a member of the women's basketball team. 

From a report obtained by Coley Harvey of the Macon Telegraph:

One officer said Ardossi had blood on her shirt and was bleeding from her head. He went on to add that she received medical attention on the scene for cuts to her head. There was also blood on the wall leading out of the apartment, and blood in the bathroom, the report said. The report indicated the alleged argument began over money the two contributed to a joint account. It states that Hall tried to communicate with Ardossi about money she had been spending from the account. From there, a verbal altercation allegedly ensued. Two Georgia Tech football players were also named in the report.



The actions taken place by the Athletic Association are very similar to that of Jarrard Tarrant who was suspended indefinitely in 2008 due to allegations of rape. As we all know, Tarrant was later reinstated on the team. 

Hello Fulmer Cup, how are you doing this evening?