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Karma's a B*TCH: How the football gods stuck it to conference chiefs.

Karma, it's a b*tch. Fill in the blanks. If all things prove as they seem, the world of college football as we know it is evolving into a monster. The past few years, the college football has screwed some major players over in the college football world:

1. The ACC:

Action: In 2004/2005 the ACC extended invites to the Miami Hurricanes, Virginia Tech Hokies, and the Boston College Eagles. The conference went from 9 to 12 teams and put the Florida State Seminoles and the Hurricanes in separate divisions. Additionally, they placed the conference championship in Jacksonville, FL. Obviously this was an effort to satisfy those Miami and FSU fans who surely would have made the trip to the ACCCG.

The Result: Neither FSU or Miami have made it to the conference championship. HAHAHAHAHA JOHN SWOFFORD YOU SUCK. Instead, you have seen Florida State vs. Virginia Tech, Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech, Boston College vs. Virginia Tech (x2), and then Clemson vs. Georgia Tech. Record attendance numbers! oh, the WRONG KIND!



2. The Big 12

Action: The face of college football changed since the ACC expanded. More calls were made for some type of playoff format or a +1 system. Instead, the conference looked to what the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners, the league's bread and butter, wanted and decided to accept the status quo. Add these actions to that of the old and extinct SWAC and you got yourself some trouble.

The Result: Six teams, half the conference, are said to have been given bids to the Pac-10 Conference and Nebraska is going to the BigTen. In previous words used yesterday: "The Big 12 is Dead." Ouch.

Karma's a b*tch.