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Tuesday Linkages

The last season at Rosenblatt...
The last season at Rosenblatt...
College Football
The odds are out from Olympics Sportsbook. According to BCI's breakdown of the odds, the ACC Title game will be played by FSU and Miami. If this happens, expect attendance to be poor in Charlotte.

For some reason, Phil Steele doesn't have Tech ranked in the top 22 according to MWC. I have a hard time believing Georgie, FSU, Auburn, South Carolina, or WVU should be ranked ahead of Tech especially when we return a vast majority of what made us a top 25 team last season (offense) and should be improved in our weakest point (defense).

NBA Draft
Testudo Times is looking for a local squad (aka WIZZZARDS!) to pick up Greivis Vasquez. I wouldn't mind it if Gani or Derrick landed at the Hawks but I don't see Derrick dropping that far and the Hawks don't seem too interested in Gani.

Ridiculous Upside says Gani to OKC at pick 32 and Derrick to the Nets at pick 3. Vasquez, in their Draft, gets picked up later in the second round.

College Baseball
Tech was ranked #10 in the NCBWA poll. I'm assuming Tech got the nod for the #8 seed over Cal State-Fullerton and TCU due to Tech's location and incredibly strong regular season (despite our Kryptonite being teams from Virginia).

A quick rundown of the ACC's teams in the NCAA field: Tech is hosting the regional in ATL, NC State is going to the Coastal Carolina regional (Myrtle Beach), the Hokies are headed to Columbia, UVA and Miami are also hosting their own regionals, FSU (despite being the #1 seed in their regional) must travel to UConn, Clemson is playing in Auburn's regional, and UNC is playing way out in Norman, OK.