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Jack Leggett calls Georgia Tech the "worst atmosphere for coaches"

It's no lie that Tech fans and Clemson baseball coach Jack Leggett don't get along, specifically Ted. Leggett enjoys "interacting" with the fans be it a wink, a smile, or straight up talking back to hecklers. This happened against Florida Gulf Coast and he was asked about it on a local radio show, the Dan Scott Show.

While addressing the incident, Leggett starts going on a tangent and talks about all the people he thinks about: fans, parents, etc and then rips right in to Georgia Tech baseball and its negative attitude.

Jack Leggett:  I go to Georgia Tech ,3 days in a row, 27 innings and I get absolutely verbally abused. From first pitch to last pitch at the game at Georgia Tech is by far the worst college baseball atmosphere for coaches that I've ever seen. I can't wait to get on the bus and get home...our players get chewed up alive down there and they can't wait to get home and play in a positive atmosphere...

Here's the audio portion



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