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Help support the Ramblin' Reck with awesome bumper stickers!

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Recksticker_medium   Licenseplatesticker_medium

Click here for bumper sticker information

This past December/January, we told you about the need to help get the Ramblin' Reck to Miami for the Orange Bowl. The effort was met with great success and all the excess money was put into the Dean Dull Endowment Fund which has been specifically created for the long term maintenance and preservation of the Ramblin' Reck itself.

Today, we can continue to publicly show our support for the Reck by ordering the above bumper stickers. These bumper stickers were the idea of a good friend of mine at Tech and his support for the Reck is never called into question. A purchase of one of these bumper stickers will send a portion of the proceeds directly to the Dean Dull Endowment Fund! 

Show your support for the Reck!

If you would like more information on the endowment fund you can contact the current Reck Driver at RamblinReckDriver [at]