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Some quick thoughts on Georgia Tech's draw for the ACC Baseball Tournament

First of all, congratulations to Derek Dietrich, Deck McGuire, Matt Skole, Tony Plagman, Jed Bradley and Thomas Nichols! These six players were all named to various levels of the All-ACC Baseball Team for the 2010 season!

Now back to business....

Tomorrow kicks off a big weekend for Georgia Tech as they prepare to win the ACC as well as solidify a National Top 8 Seed and obtain home-field advantage throughout the NCAA baseball tournament. The Jackets were handed a favorable schedule through the weekend as they were able to avoid Florida State and Virginia who seem to be the two teams who give Tech the most trouble historically (Coaches Martin and O'Connor have fourth best and best coaching records in ACC against Danny Hall).

Tech is finally playing the baseball we expect them to be playing. Solid series wins against Miami and Boston College have helped the squad rebound out of their slump and have rebuilt the team's confidence. Virginia Tech is a dangerous six-seed but is also a team that is capable of rolling over easily  as losing 4 straight ACC games to 2010 bottom feeders indicates.

NCSU should not represent much of a threat to make a run to the championship. The Wolfpack had to sweep Duke in order to gain entry into the tournament and got the job done but I don't believe they have the talent nor the depth to keep up with the big dogs.

And finally, what to do with Clemson? Clemson is a streaky team that got swept by us but proceeded to get hot at the right time against FSU. A series sweep by the Tigers last week led to a division title and an ACC overall #2 seed. Jack Leggett, we will meet again. Clemson (most likely) will be the daunting task and obstacle standing in the way of our ACC Title.

The schedule is fortunate and the title is reachable. Tech avoids the powers of Virginia and Florida State until the hopeful championship. What are your thoughts?

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