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Jackets in the 2010 NBA Draft

A quick look around the World of NBA Draft gurus gives us a preview into the June 24 NBA Draft. Forget Lebron, Kobe, and Dwight. Where are Gani and Derrick going in the Draft? Jay Bilas feels like Gani is a top 25 talent while NBA Draft.Net sees Gani as a top 30 talent. The two Draft boards have Derrick in the top 3 or 4 range behind John Wall and Evan Turner. A quick run down of Bilas' big board shows us a slew of college stars that Tech has faced including 11 ACC players and 6 other conference guys.

According to Ridiculous Upside, Gani has already worked out for the Bobcats and Pacers. The Sixers blog, Liberty Ballers, explains the relative safety of drafting a guard versus a big man.

Any thoughts on the Draft? Should Gani return to school knowing that he's projected as a possible second rounder?