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Where were you when you became a Georgia Tech fan?

When it's the offseason, or what could be known as the "Dead Period", Bird and I continue to read various other blogs and try to see how their content can spark some ideas and discussion over here at FTRS. This topic comes from the New York Giants blog, Big Blue View.

Where were you when you became a Georgia Tech fan? Were you in the South? Overseas? Atlanta itself?

For me, I come from a Tech family but also a military family, so we have lived all over the United States. My first memory of Georgia Tech athletics was when we were living in Boston, MA and I became very excited over Georgia Tech being ranked in the Top 25. This is also probably the first moment of myself actually understanding what the "Top 25" actually was. I was somewhere between the ages of 5 and 7 years old. I evolved into my "ultimate fanness" probably around 1996/1997 when we were then living in Dayton, OH. It was in Dayton that I first started listening to Wes Durham on the radio over the internet and falling in love with Georgia Tech football.

So now it's your turn. Where were you when you became a Tech fan? Is there a story behind it? No matter how simple or extravagant please share it!