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Looking at the first half of opposing quarterbacks for the 2010 season

Here’s a quick look at the opposing quarterbacks the Yellow Jackets will face in the first half ofthis upcoming football season.  What are your thoughts on the ACC quarterback field?

South Carolina State Bulldogs

As with many of these warm up games, don't expect the Bulldogs to pose much of a threat against us this year. The starter will be Malcom Long, a senior out of Gaffney, SC. In 2009, Long completed 64.5% of his passes for 20 touchdowns and 2500 yards en route to a 10-2 season. However, the Bulldogs were the "cupcake" of South Carolina last year and lost 38-14.

Fear Factor: Non-existent. This game will be nice easy and breezy.

I hate these cupcake games btw.

Kansas Jayhawks

Say goodbye to Todd Reesing and hello to his replacement: Kale Pick…or redshirt freshman Jordan Webb. Pick redshirted his academic freshman year and has led the Scout team to mythical victories and has been the Scout Team Player of the Week multiple times. Really though, neither has started a game so nobody knows what to expect in Lawrence.

Fear Factor: Minimal

A new era of Jayhawks football begins this year with Turner Gill at the helm. We firmly believe it will be an era of softer, gentler Jayhawks and I for one, look forward to them turning the other cheek countlessly on September 11.

North Carolina Tar Heels

TJ Yates comes back for the Tarheels as he tries to stay consistent with his quarterbacking and health. Always an up and down player, he may have a few Heels fans calling for freshman Bryn Renner who was a national top-10 quarterback in high school to take over. In the words of FTRS reader Yakub2: "he’s a limp."

Of course the big questions remain: Will he still be starting against us three games into the season if UNC struggles? Can he stay healthy to last the season? Yates put together one good game against Tech back in 2007 when he went 21 for 35 in passing for 283 yards. Granted, that’s an average of 3 yards per pass and only threw for one touchdown.

Fear Factor: Low


North Carolina State Wolfpack               


What to do about the 2008 ACC Rookie of the Year Russell Wilson? He can run, duck, dive, dodge and pass. He has thrown just under 60% in both his seasons (Tech hasn’t had a qb throw for 50% since Reggie Ball in 2003). His running totals diminished in 2009 but dual threat qb’s make me nervous because we’ve been burned by them all too often.

Fear Factor: High


Wake Forest Demon Deacons

It’s a cluster at Wake Forest. With Riley Skinner out of the picture, the way is paved for three dudes to battle it out: Ted Stachitas, Skylar Jones, and Turner Faulk. Wake Forest fans have no idea what to make of the mess. In the words of Martin Rickman of Blogger So Dear:

"...we honestly have no clue what to expect at all this season out of anything. It's going to be a disaster."

Fear Factor: Low.

Virginia Cavaliers

It looks to be Marc Verica though the Cavs situation seems similar to that of Wake Forest. Verica has been an interesting individual up there in Hooville, playing well then completely disappearing. The 2008 matchup @Georgia Tech could arguably be his best game of his career, going 29 for 39 in passing attempts for 2 touchdowns but based on his history, one can argue it was a fluke.

Fear Factor: Low

In summary, teams with returning starters:


North Carolina

South Carolina State

Teams without returning starters/ OMG no idea what's going on!



Wake Forest

HT: CornNation for the idea