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Tuesday Linkage

AMC Expansion and Hoops Stuff
The pictures look AWESOME for the proposed Alexander Memorial Coliseum expansion. There is one glaring issue. I don't see a Ramblin' Reck garage anywhere in the photo. Hopefully, things are in the works amongst those currently in charge to ensure the Reck has a proper home.

According to the NCAA's attendance stats, Tech had the 65th best attendance out of 334 Division I teams. This was good enough for 9th in the ACC... The expansion may help attendance at first but a winning program is definitely a must for D-Rad's master plan.

With the new ACC TV Deal, Tech will receive about $7 million more dollars per year in TV revenue. That's pretty sweet. Should the ACC higher-ups still be worried considering the ACC member universities are still getting the shaft comparatively speaking? Ben Broman breaks it down even further giving us the bullet points.

Football Stuff
Make sure you check out Gobbler Country's Stats Week round up. It was an interesting set of data. F4H can teach Winfield a thing or two about paying attention to detail (hint: check Winfield's spelling). Burn!

Tech has been on 14 Thursday Night games since 1996. Tech is 10-4 in these Thursday Night adventures. BCI breaks down Thursday Night appearances for ACC squads since Expansion. It's no surprise, to me, to see Tech and VT at the top of the list.

Miami and Notre Dame are renewing their old school rivalry. Awkward moments will definitely ensue.