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Wednesday Links

Lou Holtz + the Yankees = ultimate fusion of evil
Lou Holtz + the Yankees = ultimate fusion of evil
I'm ripping off Gobbler Country's bourbon shots to send out a bunch of good reads and linkage action to my fellow man.

Rivals/Yahoo! College Football Coverage
I've read Yahoo! college football coverage ever since Yahoo! ceased to be a search engine and became a news agency. Rivals joined up with Yahoo! in 2007 and the combined network has continued to produce excellent content. First up is a quick look at new assistant coordinators across college football featuring Al Groh:
"I like Paul [Johnson]...I think he's a terrific coach. And this is a situation where I think I can be successful for a lot of different reasons. If that wasn't the case, then I wouldn't have taken the job." - Al Groh
I don't care what the Hokie bloggers think. Al Groh is gonna help this defense. Olin Buchanon breaks defenses down even further as he previews 12 of college football's scariest defenders. We get a little face time in a bad way in the article.

ACC Hoops Coaching Carousel
Georgia Tech almost lost our head coach in March. Clemson lost a head coach to DePaul. Boston College fired Al Skinner and has already replaced him with Cornell skipper, Steve Donahue. And finally, Coach K turned down an offer from Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. If K's body is found in a Durham dumpster, I think it'd be safe to assume the Russian Bear did it. Oh the great excitement an offseason can bring us.

Brendan From Old Virginia tells us like it is concerning the inevitable tourney expansion and what the NCAA could consider in their expansion plans:
Alright, so if you're not already used to the idea of a 96-team tournament that will no longer allow you to fit your office bracket onto one page, you might as well get there. I don't care what the NCAA says about no decision being made, they're either lying or they mean they haven't figured out whether to roll to the press conference in white Hummer stretch limos or red Ferrari ones. With rims.

Around the ACC Gridiron
It's always good to see guys come back from injury. Apparently, Nate Irving is impressing Pack Backers. This will be big news amongst my NCSU Textile school coworkers.

Around the Hokiesphere, Gobbler Country has produced a new offspring. College Game Balls is kaput. And Michael Vick is now the 5,000,000 dollar backup for the Eagles! He's officially one step closer to redemption and clearing the Hokie name of all his past sins...right?

GT Alumni
I think the biggest sports storyline of the week is Tiger's return in the Masters. Last night, the pairings were drawn and Matt Kuchar, a two time All-American golfer from Tech, was picked as one of Woods' threesome. KJ Choi will accompany Woods and Kuchar. Good luck to Matt 'cause there's gonna be a proverbial swarm of butterflies around their group the entire first day.

Chris Bosh got hit by an inadvertent elbow to the face last night effectively ending any real hope the Toronto Raptors had at winning a playoff series. CAT scans showed he had a broken nose.
"We have to keep fighting, regardless if we have him or not," - Jarrett Jack
After a pair of bad to luke warm news stories, here's a good story. Matt Wieters hit a homer in his first game of the season for Baltimore, a 4-3 loss to the Rays.

And in even better news, Clarence Moore (of 2004 Final Four run fame), was officially named the head coach of Kentucky State. Great news to hear. One of my favorite memories of Moore was him hitting a clutch 3 to put GT into overtime against the doggies in 2003.