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Day 5 Spring Practice Reports, Recaps, Highlights, and Links

I went to see Jason Heyward make his presence known in MLB yesterday. However, there were still a few people at practice on Monday, most notable Hector from the North Avenue Bulletin and Hash Slinger from Barrel of Rum. And of course, Coley Harvey was there. Here's what went down:

Post Saturday scrimmage: Coley Harvey goes VLOGGING!

Check out the rest of the highlights after the jump!

Barrel of Rum:

11 vs. 11 was dominated by the defense today as they held the offense in check for the most part. Brad Jefferson continues to excel & seems to be thinking less & playing faster. Gladiator is playing downhill so far. It always takes a few practices before true freshmen are comfortable & the light went on for Isaiah Johnson today. Johnson made several plays throughout practice, the highlight being an open field tackle of Anthony Allen that fired coach Al Groh up enough to bring him charging into the defensive huddle to give Johnson a smack on the helmet. Brandon Watts continued his strong spring play with a tackle for loss. Another player who had a good day was NT T.J. Barnes. Barnes made three tackles on the day & was a force inside. Easily the big man's best practice so far this spring. Tevin Washington must be tired of seeing Jason Peters. After taking a wicked hit from Peters on Friday #92 got to the QB again & lit him up. Offensively the highlight of 11 vs. 11 was a Roddy Jones option pitch that would have likely gone the distance in a game....

To read the rest of his report click here.

Coley Harvey:

While Braves are slugging it out at [the] Ted, GT is practicing, and true fresh Isaiah Johnson just got Allen in backfield......after hit, Al Groh came racing up to Johnson to give him a smack on helmet in between plays. That's huge for the freshman.

There are two ways to keep up with Coley.  You can check out his GT beat blog or follow him through twitter.

North Avenue Bulletin:

  • "WE’RE OUT HERE TO SCORE!" That’s what coach Al Groh shouted to his players during the defense’s first drill.
  • Nesbitt picked up a football while he was on "the beach" and started throwing it into some buckets in one of the supply closets. You can tell he wants to be out there getting better at his game.

To read more about Hector's opinion of Monday's practice, head over to the North Avenue Bulletin.

Thoughts: very excited to see the defense coming around. I was able to make a small amount of the scrimmage on Saturday and things still look a little rough around the edges but improvements are coming. The same can be said about the infamous "shotgun formation" being implemented as well. I fully expect the upcoming Saturdays to be even better.