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National Title Open Thread

Why Duke will not win the National Title:

5. No ACC team has ever won the National Title and lost to Tech in the regular season.
4. Lack of ACC POTY. Duke won titles with Laettner from 1991-1992 and Battier in 2001.
3. Home court advantage: Butler. Duke is 470 miles from home. Butler is 6 miles from campus. Butler is the midmajor, little guy playing the unanimous enemy of America so remaining ticket holders from fallen Final Four teams will root against Dookies.
2. The Football:Basketball Correlation. Duke has never had relative success in basketball and football in the same season. 1991 Hoops Title followed the 1989 departure of Steve Spurrier from Duke (1990 Iron Dukes lost 4 more games than in 1989). 1991 Iron Dukes were equally as abysmal winning only 4 games as well. Coach K's most recent title was during Carl Frank's 23 game losing streak.
1. Jon Scheyer and Kyle Singler are weird looking. All forms of print media are "rooting for their demise" so those ugly mugs don't have to be on the covers of any Tuesday morning editions.

Why Duke will win the National Title:

5. Coach K's first Final Four Appearance was in 1986. Brad Stevens was 10 years old.
4. Coach K will be coaching in his 9th national championship game. Brad Stevens is currently coaching in his third postseason.
3. Duke draws a crowd and CBS will want Duke to win for post game viewership ratings.
2. They are playing a hobbled Butler squad that limped into the Championship.
1. If we're really talking about who had the most power to ultimately corrupt the outcome of this game, Duke has so many current and former GOP members, NBA busts with massive bank accounts, and rich lawyer folk on their side that they could easily buy the trophy even if Butler wins it outright.

Who wins tonight? Why?