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Looking ahead to the 2011 NFL Draft

Brian @ BCI looked into the crystal ball yesterday previewing the possible BC Draft picks in the 2011 Draft. Winfield and myself are on a content-stealing kick so let's start predicting the future like our compatriots at BC.

If there is an NFL Draft in 2011, I think we've got several viable players who could make a splash. Players that I think would have a shot at getting drafted or picking up a free agent contract are below:

Anthony Allen, RS-SR
Ben Anderson, RS-SR
AT Barnes, RS-SR
Austin Barrick, RS-SR
Sean Bedford, RS-SR
Scott Blair, SR
Mario Butler, SR
Lucas Cox, RS-SR
Correy Earls, RS-SR
Mario Edwards, RS-SR
Anthony Egbuniewe, RS-SR
Robert Hall, RS-SR
Brad Jefferson, SR
Joshua Nesbitt, SR
Domnique Reese, RS-SR
Jerrard Tarrant, RS-JR
Cooper Taylor, JR
Osahon Tongo, RS-SR

Now, you probably aren't surprised that none of our guys project to be first rounders according to Sports Illustrated. Nesbitt is projected as the 13th best QB prospect on CBS while Allen is projected as the 4th best running back.

If I had to put money on it right now, I'd say that Mario Butler and Anthony Allen are most likely to get Drafted. What do you all think?