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2010 NFL Draft Rankings for the ACC

The NFL Draft is a big deal for a football fan, be it college or professional. Here's a breakdown of the ACC and how much talent was picked up from our conference this past weekend.


Georgia Tech shot up quickly with Derrick Morgan, Demaryious Thomas, and Morgan Burnett all getting drafted in the first three rounds and then mellowed out. Clemson supplied the most NFL players for this draft with five players.

Here's a chart for both 2009 and 2010 draft results.


The best way to get recruits to sign up for your school is to convince them that your program will increase their NFL chances. So far, Clemson and Georgia Tech can use that tool the most.

Questions arise however. Many of the players drafted out of Georgia Tech and Clemson were recruits from former coaches. Will Dabo help the Tigers continue to produce NFL talent once his recruits start having quality playing time? The same can be asked about Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson and that question will be answered this year as we will finally see his players run in his system.

Also, check out Florida State. Four players drafted in two years is a rough statistic for a program of such historically legendary status.

H/T: The Daily Gopher for the idea.