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Offensive Depth Chart

Here is a preliminary offensive depth chart heading into the spring game.  I may be off on a few of these, as I've only attended 2 practices this year, but I'll give it my best shot.

1st Team

QB: Tevin Washington
B-Back: Anthony Allen
A-Back: Roddy Jones, Marcus Wright, Embry Peeples, and Orwin Smith (lots of options here, so I'm just giving you the top 4 as the 1st team) 
OL: Bedford (C), Uzzi (G), McRae (G), Nick Claytor (T), Zach Fraiser (T).  So many injuries here so this will look much different in the fall.
WR: Stephen Hill and Tyler Melton

2nd Team

QB: David Sims
B-Back: Lucas Cox/Preston Lyons (both got reps on the 2nd team)
A-back: Charles Perkins and B.J. Bostic (these guys ran with the 3rd team most of the time, but were way too good for the 3rd team D)
OL: Jay Finch (G), Ray Beno (G), Will Jackson (G), Antonio Foster (T) (again, so many injuries on the line this spring)
WR: Kevin Cone and Daniel McKayhen (Jeremy Moore getting looks here but he hasn't had a very good spring)