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NFL Draft Build Up - #21 Jon Dwyer, RB

J. Dwyer - Georgia Tech RB #21
Jonathan Dwyer was easily the most covered player on From the Rumble Seat (and the LegacyX4) going back to his break out 2007 season. We detailed the strides he'd need to make to win the 2009 Heisman. We broke down his 2008 stats several times. Before the season started, we compared Dwyer to All-ACC runningbacks Darren Evans and C.J. Spiller. And during the 2009 season, Dwyer was hyper-analyzed.

First off, let's get the baloney that's been laid out there by the WWL and other hype machines about Dwyer.

"Dwyer has difficulty finding the hole and breaking loose." This would be false. Dwyer was stopped for no gain only 12% of the time in 2009. That's without a lead blocking fullback. That means he found the hole and gained yardage 88% of the time. 42% of time he was rushing for 4 yards or greater against 8 men in the box.

"Dwyer is slow." Jonathan Dwyer is fast enough to do this, this, and this. 40 times don't mean squat once you put on the pads (refer to Darius Heyward-Bay). Also, keep in mind that Dwyer is playing from fullback depth in all plays not typical half back depth meaning he has half the time to get to full speed. We already know why he's called the diesel.

Now, you add in the fact that Dwyer didn't fumble in the open field this season and you've got yourself a prime candidate to Draft (lone fumble came on a bad hand off @MSU). Based on the hype, Dwyer could go anywhere from second to fifth running back overall, which is as high as the first round and as low as the third round. His combine numbers didn't impress but like Tashard Choice, any team that picks up Dwyer will instantly reap the benefits of drafting a Georgia Tech feature back.