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NFL Draft Build Up - #54 Sedric Griffin & #71 Cord Howard

S. Griffin - Georgia Tech LB #54
Sedric Griffin amassed 131 tackles and 25 starts over his 4 year tenure at Georgia Tech. At 5'11" and 225 pounds, Griffin may be a late rounder or free agent pick up that is sure to succeed on special teams and possibly spot duty on an NFL defense. Griffin brings the maturity and work ethic common amongst Tech's fine student athletes.

C. Howard - Georgia Tech OL #71
Cord Howard is going into a very deep offensive line draft. He has the size at 6'5" and 308 lbs to play on an NFL roster. He just needs to continue working on pass protection in order to latch on somewhere. His draft stock is about on par with Sedric Griffin's. Most Tech fans predict Howard to be taken late in the Draft or as a free agent. What gives Howard a great edge is that he has a ton of experience. He started in 33 straight games in two different offenses. He has the ability to adapt and he has the endurance to stay healthy. Coupling intelligence and durability is prime for OL in the League.