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NFL Draft Build Up - #8 Demaryius Thomas, WR

D. Thomas - Georgia Tech WR #8
Let's just state the facts about Demaryius Thomas. He is a wide receiver in an offense that only passed the ball 17.5% of the time. He was targeted 81 times last season. He pulled in 46 receptions (56.8% completion percentage) at an amazing 25.1 yards per catch. This is a huge understatement considering our quarterback only completed 46.3% of his passes. Thomas singlehandedly accounted for 66.7% of Tech's receiving yardage and 8 of Tech's 11 receiving touchdowns. His abilities allowed him to pick up a first down or touchdown on 84.8% of his receptions.

Not only is Demaryius Thomas a pass catching robot, he's a big and fast pass catching robot. His bio states that he's a 6'3", 227 pound receiver. These measurables gave him a huge advantage over college defensive backs and will definitely aid him in the League. His agent, Todd France, confirmed that Thomas' 40 was clocked at 4.38 before he broke his foot, which would've put him at the elite level among Combine receivers.

Thomas' highlights weren't all made in the vertical passing game either. Tech utilized the wide receiver screen to keep soft coverages honest (examples at 1:17 in this highlight reel).

Concerning a team featuring the running game, Thomas is the definition of blocking receiver. He knows that for his team to win, he needs to block because the Skipper Paul Johnson drilled it in to his wide receivers' skulls the past two seasons. In Georgia Tech's offense, the wide receivers are the point of attack on edge plays. There is no lead blocking back.

This 85 yard option is the perfect example of how wide receiver blocking is vital to Georgia Tech's offense. In fact, if you watch any of Georgia Tech's run play highlights, you'll see some nasty cut blocks and Demaryius Thomas destroying a cornerback, safety, or linebacker springing free one of our slotbacks for a big gainer. He's not afraid to punish the defense.