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ACC Links: To expand/realign or not to expand/realign: bloggers ask the question

the latest debate raging in college football is conference expansion. While we haven't discussed the subject too heavily on this blog, many of our ACC friends have brought it up. Here are some of the highlights from around the ACC blogosphere.

Reviewing the Super-ACC: An ACC Response Plan to Big Ten Expansion - Testudo Times
Ridiculous? Yes. But possibly a requirement, and probably an inevitability.

Why Shouldn't the ACC Be Proactive with Expansion? - Gobbler Country
Why is everyone waiting around for the Big Ten to tip the first expansion domino instead of looking out for themselves?

Big Ten Expansion: Why Stop At 16? - BC Interruption
Why should the Big Ten stop at 16 teams? One way to expand is by simply taking over the Big East football conference and creating an 18 or 20 team super-conference.

Conference Expansion, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and You - Gobbler Country
F4H got a little trippy yesterday on 4/20. What if the Mayans weren't really talking about the physical earth like we know it? What if it was all just a metaphor for callllllage footbawl? People are talking about some crazy stuff, man. Like Ulta-super-mega Conferences. Conferences so big you can see 'em from space.

What are your thoughts on conference expansion and realignment?