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NBA playoff starting lineups by college conference

Last season, I went through the NBA starting lineups in the playoffs to show that the ACC was still leading the pack as far as feeding the NBA with talent was concerned. This season, a few conferences have caught up with us as some of our superstar alums are watching the playoffs from home (ala Chris Paul and Chris Bosh). Here's a quick rundown of what conferences the starters in the NBA playoffs played college ball:

1. No College (American) - 13
2. Non-power conference schools - 12
3. No College (International) - 11
4. ACC - 10
5. Pac 10 - 9
5. SEC - 9
7. Big East - 8
8. Big 12 - 6
9. Big 10 - 2

Like I said last year, the Big 10 is the equivalent to non-power conference now. The entire conference is not producing top shelf NBA talent outside of Michigan State. The Pac 10 is basically UCLA with some Cal and Arizona sprinkled in. UCLA and UNC are the most represented individual colleges by far.