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ATL Retro-Diary

I took a trip to Atlanta this past weekend.  I want to tell you all all about it.  So sit back, relax, put the kids away and enjoy the retro-diary of my trip to Atlanta.

Thursday 4/15

3:45pm: Running out of work to catch my 5:30 flight to Atlanta for a weekend of drinking and heckling Jackson Scott Legget.  Ever notice how everyone in the office finds something important to talk to you about as you're rushing out of work?  Just happened to me.  On the road by 4pm.

7:45pm: Flight gets in 20 minutes early... Winfield already at the airport to pick me up.  I meet him at the curb just as a cop is yelling at him to move out of the pickup zone.  It's going to be a good weekend.

9:30pm: At Cypress with Winfield, Dane and a bunch of others.  Half price bottles of wine and great food... The drinks are flowing and it feels good to be home again.

11:30ishpm: Thursday night in Atlanta, where else would a Tech student go other than Moondogs?  Meeting up with more friends and having a great time.  Awesome start to the weekend.

Friday 4/16

8:30am: Rodzilla wakes me up as he's doing his nerd homework.  Decide to check the work emails... over 30 received since 3:45pm the day before.  I don't respond to any lest anyone gets the idea that I'm available to answer questions.

9:30am: Grab a shower at the Rodzilla/Winfield residence... quite possibly the most disgusting bathroom facilities you can find.  I don't think I got any cleaner than before I got in the shower, but whatever... it cleared out the cobwebs from the night before.

11:00am: JUNIORS for chicken tenders and crossword puzzles.  We (we being this girl I know and myself) finish the Technique crossword in less than 2 hours... with just a little help from the back page.

1:00pm: Winfield's at the library and I don't feel like walking back to his place before football practice starts so I decide to join him.  Never thought I'd ever step back in this place again... I can feel the pain of all the students around me who are stuck there on a beautiful Friday afternoon. 

3:30pm: Make a pilgrimage to Macs to purchase the necessary drinking paraphernalia for the evening.  Then it's time to pound some pitchers at Ribs and Blues and head to practice.

5:00pm: At the Rose Bowl watching practice.  Couple of observations:

- Groh is intense and very hands on, but not a drill sergeant like Tenuta was.  I like having Kelly as the sole secondary coach. 

- First team D looked to be Peters, Walls, and Cross on the DLine; Egbuniwe, Sylvester, Jefferson, and AT Barnes at LB; Reese, Butler, Tarrant and Edwards in the secondary.  Solid group but there were some folks absent from practice (namely Brandon Watts and Julian Burnett who was on the beach)

-  Anthony Allen is going to be a hoss at B-back.  He absolutely trucked Jemea Thomas (running with the 2nd team D at this point).  Jemea ain't no pushover either.  Impressive play.

- QB play sucked at practice.  I don't think I saw a single good pass.  Sims did break a nice option keeper.  About the only highlight for those guys.

6:30pm: Finally I am back inside my 2nd favorite place on earth: Russ Chandler Stadium.  If Wrigley and Fenway park had a child, it would be the Rusty C.  It looks as beautiful as ever.  My whole crew of baseball watchers is present.  Gonna be a good time.

10:00pm: Great game.  It was a pitcher's duel throughout with Deck going a full 7 innings.  Every time one team would get up, the other would tie it up in the next half.  Great stuff.  Top 11, bases loaded and Kyle Parker (having a monster year) is up.  He's currently 0-4 with a couple strikeouts.  I'm thinking he's either going to jack one out of the park or strikeout... Andrew Robinson fans him.  We go to the bottom of the 11th tied at 6... great stuff.

10:10ishpm: Chase Burnette at the plate with a man on first... he swings......... PING........ It'S OVER THE RIGHT FIELD WALL for a walk-off homer!!!!!!!!  Chase was not afraid to be the hero.  The Clemson fans exit to a chant of "JUST LIKE TAMPA, JUST LIKE TAMPA, JUST LIKE TAMPA!!!!!!!!"  So awesome.  Suck it Jackson.



11:30pm: Time to head out to the RRC Probate Party: dress as your drink.  I go as the sketchy old alum who just wants to keep drinking.  Alcohol provided by the college kids... Someone brought Old Crow Bourbon.  As a former poor college student I applauded the person for bringing that stuff.  $11 a handle and it does the job.  Well done.

12:30am: Making plans to hit some bars cause I'm too freaking old for college house parties.  Winfield is playing survivor flip-cup... HE WINS!  And promptly vomits all over the floor!!!!  Hooray Beer!  He looks okay, I think he'll rally.

2:00am: Out in mid-town... we shut down the bars and it's back to see the carnage of probate party.    Apparently I ditched Barfield and Jose... I receive 3 punches to the nuts for my transgressions.  I get Jose back... Barfield I will have vengeance soon. 

3:30am: Things are getting fuzzy.  Somehow back to Winfield's place.  RoboCop is playing on the TV for some reason.  I promptly pass out in the recliner.  (Turns out Winfield did rally and make it out to the Highlands, just in case you're wondering)

Saturday 4/17

7:30am: P.A.I.N.  Everywhere.  I can hardly move.  My cell phone missing.  Find a friend's phone and start calling mine................. nothing.  Then I hear Winfield yelling as I'm calling for about the 3rd time.  He has my phone in his bed.  We still don't know why.  Creepy shit.

9:15am: Wake up (again).  More pain.  Shower and Motrin.......................................................................................................................................Mmmmmmmmmmmm better.

9:45am: At Bobby Dodd for the scrimmage.  Jose and I rally to get there.  Winfield, Dane and everyone else are to weak to make it.  Who says alums can't party like college kids?

10:35am: Scrimmage has been up and down to this point.  Bostic broke a beautiful 70 yard run for a TD.  Paul Johnson to Jon Lokhart "Hey KNUCKLEHEAD, it's trips formation, get over there!"  Yup, it was worth the trip to be here this weekend.

11:00am: Mmmmmmm Willy's.  Perfect recovery food.

12:15pm: Get to the Rusty C. early to get our BEAT CLEMSON shirts... except they are already out.  45 minutes early and I don't get a shirt?  Bullshit.

2:30pm: I've been heckling Jackson pretty good to this point.  Tell him to stop cheating in the 6th just as they are starting to get something going; Jose follows up with a "How much did you pay them [the umps]" heckle.  Jackson turns around and shoots a dirty look at us.  Again, this trip was so worth it.

3:30pm: Despite the best efforts to give Clemson the game by Dietrich and Skole (an error a piece, both that resulted in Tiger runs) we pull out a close 4-3 victory to take the series.  Time to go for the sweep tomorrow.

7:15pm: At Northside liquors purchasing more goodies.  Winfield and I see Michael Johnson (yes, that one).  He gives us a knowing look and drives off in his Tahoe on dubs.  Yup, this trip was worth it.

Won't go into detail about Saturday night's festivities.  2 highlights though:

- Winfield drove me and someone else to the bar, but he leaves us there.  Apparently it's hoes before bros to Winfield

- I get accused of "drinking like a punk", by a girl no less.  And you know what?  It's true, after 3 nights in a row of this, I can't do it.  I'm ashamed.  I'm out of partying shape.  I hope I'm just in a rough spot with it and not passed my prime.  I'm only 22 for God sakes.

Sunday 4/18

12:30pm: Back to the Rusty C to go for the sweep.  Perfect weather again (3rd day in a row).  I discover a guy under a yellow tent selling lemonade and sweet tea (both freshly made).  I get an Arnold Palmer.  Perfection.  I'd recommend it if any of you go to a game this season.  It tasted like the south.

3:15pm: Jackets took control early and never let go.  We have a streak of scoring in every inning.  Jake Davies enters to start the 8th but his customary Top Gun Anthem walk up music isn't played for the 2nd time in this weekend.  Jose and I are pissed about this.  I may file a formal complaint with DRad.

3:30pm: 2 outs, bottom 8 and the Jackets haven't scored yet.  The streak is in danger.  Jacob Esch up.......... And IT'S OVER THE RIGHT FIELD WALL!!! HOME RUN!  Jackets score at least once in every inning they bat (just like the Braves, NOT).  Only the 2nd or 3rd time I can remember seeing that.

4:15pm: Heading to the car to go to the airport and guess who's right in front of walking to the team bus???  Mr. Jackson Scott Leggett himself.  I am not complimenting him in any way, but other than his slip up on Saturday, he was behaved this weekend.  I still hate him though.

 6:00pm: Time to head back to St. Louis.  Work tomorrow.  

It was a nearly perfect weekend in Atlanta.  If you haven't done it yet, GET TO A TECH BASEBALL GAME!!!  It's one of the most enjoyable times you can have.