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The ACC's best OOC matchups of 2010 season

Brian and Jeff of BCI broke down the worst matchups of the ACC out of conference schedule, which included thirteen I-AA football squads. Everyone in the ACC has lowered themselves to playing a I-AA. UVA pulled the notorious double dip scheduling VMI and Richmond for 2010.

I want to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, the cream of the crop, the pinnacle of scheduling. The ACC scheduled nineteen opponents from the BCS conferences this upcoming season. The OOC schedule includes half of the BCS bound teams in Boise State, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Florida, and Bama. And actually 10 of the 12 past BCS National Champions will be playing in ACC games this season. The most represented conference in our OOC slate is the SEC with 7 different schools matched up with ACC rivals.

When I first started putting this list together I kinda wanted to create a sort of strata of matchups in our OOC games. The first number I pulled was the 2009 Sagarin rating of both teams involved in the game and took the average. Ranking the games by average Sagarin rating, to me, gave a good idea of national hype for each game (particularly early season matchups). I also included non-BCS matchups that had higher Sagarin average ratings than their BCS OOC counterparts.


A few days ago, I complained pretty vociferously about the ACC's lack of respect due to our inability to win in big game situations. So today, I'm asking you which of these games will have the most impact on our conference's national perception this season?