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Top 10 Reasons I hate Jack Leggett

Jack Leggett is just the worst.  There aren't many opposing coaches, or people for that matter, that I hate more than Jack Leggett.  So let's do this Letterman style... here are the Top 10 Reasons I Hate Jack Leggett.

10.  He coaches Clemson.  I don't like Dabo either... for the record.

9.  His name sucks.  Jack Leggett?  Not bad actually.  But his real name is Jackson Scott Leggett... now that's a shitty name.  Plus, by going by the name Jack he is trying to share the same first name as Jack Bauer, which is unacceptable.  Stop trying to change your identity Jackson... what a coward.

8.  Clemson fans think he sucks too... it's not just me.  Clemson bloggers have to defend him a la Bird and CPH.

7.  He once cussed out a heckler at the Rusty C, calling the heckler an "asshole".  Worse yet, this heckler wasn't even me.  It was actually the worst heckler this planet has ever known (affectionately known as "Afroman" to my friends and I).  There were children present during this event, making Jackson Leggett the worst possible role-model for a young person.

6.  The best player he's recruited/coached is Khalil Greene.  Danny Hall has recruited and coached the likes of Jason Varitek, Nomar Garciaparra (didn't recruit him), Matt Wieters, Mark Teixeira, along with plenty of other big leaguers.  You've got nothing Jackson... Khalil Greene?  Give me a break.

5.  Jackson Leggett hails from the state of Maine.  Have any of you ever met anyone from Maine, let alone a decent person?

4.  Jackson has created his own website:  If Danny Hall doesn't have a website, then Jackson Scott Leggett DEFINITELY shouldn't have a website.  The website includes "Jack Leggett's iPod favorites".  Guess what Jackson, nobody gives a shit about what music you're listening to.

3.  Once before a series at the Rusty C, Leggett left the umpire/managers meeting at home plate, ran back towards the dugout and did a head first slide into his team's huddle.  Baseball isn't a gentleman's game by any means, but this move was classless and juvenile.  Grow up Jackson.  Your team doesn't think you're cool because you did a head first slide.  What a prick. 

2.  In 2005, during a home series against the Fightin' Jackson Leggetts, my buddy Jose was ruthlessly heckling Jackson.  Leggett turns around and winks at Jose.  What were his "intentions" behind the wink?

1.  He is the exact opposite of Danny Hall. Stupid and classless are the two words that come to mind when I think of Jackson "Jack" Leggett.

Needless to say, Jackson Scott Leggett is one of the worst humans currently roaming this earth.  I encourage you all to join me this weekend in heckling him mercilessly.  Thanks to Yellow Jackette for helping me put this together.