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Tuesday Linkage

The ACC Coaching Carousel
Block C is keeping up with the coaching search at Clemson. Check out the twitter for updates. The Tigers apparently almost nabbed Mississippi State’s Rick Stansbury but the MSU buyout gave TDP a bit of a headache (Hell, a game of checkers gives TDP severe migraines).

Speaking of Clemson, there was mild speculation from BCI that Al Skinner was headed to Clemson to fill the gaping void in the hearts of the Orange and Purple.

Wake Forest selected current Colorado head coach, Jeff Bzdelik, to lead their program in to the future. I have no idea how to pronounce that name. Any help from Wake fans would be appreciated. When I voted on Blogger So Dear, the Wake fans seemed disappointed with the hire.

ACC Hockey Champions reign Supreme
Not only is Brian one of the finest ACC hoops/football bloggers out there, he's got exclusive rights to the ACC's lone wolf when it comes to collegiate hockey. The BC Eagles just won the NCAA National Championship in hockey, in case you didn't know.

Georgia Tech Alumni

Matt Wieters is a fan favorite in Baltimore. He's started the 2010 season with a bang, batting an impressive 0.409 in 6 games so far.

Matt Kuchar was the only GT alum to make it to the final day of the Masters. Here's a good interview of Kuchar about his pro debut in 1998. Kuchar finished tied for 24th at an even par, which netted him a cool $69,000 in four days of work.

It's official. Gani and Derrick have declared for the NBA Draft. Our front court is depleted. The hype of Derrick Favors amazes me. I'm happy for the kid to be making millions but is it a good thing for me to be desensitized to guys leaving early? I look at CFB and the NFL as the pinnacle of the sports world. The NBA is behind those two by a couple miles and CBB is WAY behind the NBA as far as quality is concerned. The NBA's habit of drafting potential is really killing college basketball. Maybe it's time to just put in the college baseball rule. A 3 year commitment or go pro as a high schooler.