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Hollywood bias against Tech

I enjoy watching movies. I particularly like watching the Oscar winning movies just to see what all the hub-bub is about. So I sat down to watch the Blindside with my girlfriend. Things are going well. The movie isn't too bad. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but basically it was less of a sports movie and more of a feel-good movie.

Anyways, we get to about the half way point and I hear "Georgia Tech" called out in the background noise during a scene in the main family's living room. The camera pans around and I see Luke Schenscher staring at me from the living room television. After a quick rewind session, which the g/f didn't approve of, I see that Tech is playing at uga. It's the 2003 game that saw #3 Tech lose in double OT to the remnants of the Jim Harrick Era. Miami, Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, LSU, Georgie, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State got face time as their recruiters visited the protagonist during recruiting visits... Georgia Tech, in typical Hollywood fashion, was portrayed in a losing effort.

Let's recap Georgia Tech in recent sports-pop culture history:

1993, The Program - James Caan coaches the ESU Timberwolves. In the final regular season game, the ESU Timberwolves are matched up with Georgia Tech. Tech leads 10-0 at the half but Caan pulls an ace out of his sleeve against Bill Lewis' hapless bunch. He puts his star QB played by Craig Scheffer back in the game. ESU rallies and defeats the villainous Yellow Jackets.

1993, Rudy - Based in the 1975 season, Rudy Ruettiger finally gets to play football after toiling away for years at Holy Cross academically and as a scrub on Notre Dame's practice squad. Rudy's final and only opportunity to play, of course, was against Georgia Tech. He notches his only statistic, a sack against Georgia Tech's Rudy Allen.

2002, Drumline - There are way too many Tech references in this movie. First off, a ton of the scenes are shot in the saddest place in the world - the GT library. Second, one of the main characters in the movie calls out Tech's drumline with the quote, "I could've been a P1 at Tech or UGA in a minute..." Not only is the Tech library falsely portrayed as a place to meet women in the movie (TRIPLE BURN) but the movie features the least musically talented drumline ever assembled and they actually try to talk smack about our marching band. Haters.

2004, Scrubs - John Ritter played the main character's father in the show. When Ritter died in real life, they paid memorial to Ritter with an episode in the middle of Season 4 called My Cake. During My Cake, the Scrubs characters go about easing their mental anguish by watching the 1999 Tech-Duke game. The only play shown is Spencer Romine getting tackled on a scramble. Based on the dialogue of the doctors watching the game, they're cheering against Tech and for Duke.

2009, The Blind Side - The only basketball game footage shown throughout the whole movie is a game where Georgia Tech loses to Georgie in double OT. There must be a uga alum hidden somewhere in the cast and crew of this flick.

The conspiracy continues.