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Q & A with Gobbler Country

Virginia Tech aficionado, Furrer4Heisman, agreed to answer four of Winfield's questions about VT football and basketball. Here are his responses:

FTRS: Where does VPI stand in your opinion? On the bubble? How many ACCT wins get them in?
F4H: Right now the Hokies are in, but that could change depending on Saturday's game and how other teams do this week. If they lose to GT, they'll need two ACCT wins. If they win, one will do the trick.

FTRS: How many days until football season?
F4H: Too many. At least the Stanley Cup playoffs will get me to June. After that I might go crazy. Unlike the NFL, when you have the combine, the draft and other offseason madness, calllage footbawl becomes a lonely existence after spring ball. We need to petition the NCAA to move recruiting or spring ball to the summer to help us deal with the layoff.

FTRS: Georgia Tech plays VPI in Blacksburg ON A THURSDAY NIGHT ON ESPN OMG! What do you think about this game?
F4H: It looks like the ACC has backloaded both of our schedules to try and set up something EPOCH for that Thursday nighter. The scene in Blacksburg is going to be crazy regardless and the winner of that game will win the division like it has every year there have been divisions. But if both teams go into that one unbeaten then there will be no hyperbole for the match up.

FTRS: When does Bud Foster take a head coaching position?
F4H: Soon. The annuity they added to his contract for five years from now is only enough to block a lateral move to become a defensive coordinator somewhere else. I think he knows his window to capitalize on his personal success is closing. If he doesn't go out on his own in the next year or two, then all his eggs will be in one basket. He'll either be the next head coach at Virginia Tech or he'll be like Jerry Sandusky and Merv Johnson before him and retire as a very successful coordinator who was never given the keys to his own program.

Thanks to Winfield and Gobbler Country for doing the Q/A. Hokies going down!