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FTRS Fans and Members! We want your input!

With every passing day, FromTheRumbleSeat gets a little bit older, and we get a little bit wiser. This entire 9-10 months or so has been a learning experience for us as we have tried to continue to bring quality content that is on time and never falls behind the latest Yellow Jacket news. In addition, we know that the site isn't simply about the four three (Dane died I think. Well, not really he just wants to wait until he graduates-- 23 DAYS BTW!) of us at the moment. It's also about you and we want your input, your discussions, your ideas etc.

With that being said, what is on your mind about FTRS? How can we improve ourselves? Where do we struggle the most? The floor is open for your input! What do you want to see as we come closer to football season?