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Conference Survival Graph 3/26

After Syracuse's loss last night, there's only one hoops villain left in the tourney - John Calipari. Once that the cheating, lying Clarion alum is knocked out, I'll be happy. The final record of the Big East and the ACC are now squarely on the shoulders of WVU and Duke, respectively. The ACC and Big East are the only major conferences that can finish sub-0.500 in the tournament (if Duke/WVU lose their next game) as the other conferences have clinched records over 0.500. Here's the overall win/loss records of the conferences thus far:


The Pac 10 was the first power conference to be snuffed out with Washington's loss last night. The Big 10 and ACC risk it all tonight as their only remaining teams are playing tonight. It's highly unlikely that the Big 10 will lose all three games but you never know. Here's the tourney histograph: