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Conference Survival Guide 3/22

The ACC took a swift punch to the jewels yesterday from the Big 10. The ACC took care of the Big 12 in Round 1 but Round 2 saw the ACC drop a pair to the Big Televen. The Big 10 is playing solid tourney hoops.


As the only ACC teams left in postseason play, Duke and Virginia Tech are the last bastions of hope for ACC fans. I, however, will not be rooting for anything that involves the words "Duke" or "Championship" in the same sentence. The Dookies are our allies like the Russians were our Allies at the end of WWII.

Sunday was a victory for Midmajors. Finally, the Midmajors saw an increase as a percentage of the field. All of the fat has been cut away and the elite Midmajors remain. Here's the histograph up to 08:00 3/22/10: