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The short and sweet Ohio State Preview

From The Daily Gopher concerning Ohio State:

They aren't huge but they are very strong.  We (Minnesota) have two solid sophomore centers (Ralph Sampson's kid and a tough kid named Colten Iverson) they both had good BTT's until the OSU game when they just got pushed out so high cause Lauderdale (6-8, 260) was so strong.  Madsen is the only guy off the bench who plays significant minutes and he is a 6-9, 250 lb center.  They aren't super talented but they are strong.  OSU's strength is their tall and athletic guards.  All of them are 6-5 or taller and can take you off the dribble.  Then Deibler is a lights out shooter (he's really smooth from outside).

On OSU's depth and front court...

No depth, but their starting 6 is as good as anybody.  They (Ohio State) may get to face Favors, then Monroe, then Aldrich so it will be interesting to see how good their interior defense is.

I think Tech has drawn a good #2 seed in Ohio State. A lack of an inside games bodes well and other indicators seem to point the Buckeyes out as a better version of Oklahoma State, which may or may not bode well for us. Let's Go Jackets!