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Tech and Baseball Pugs ready for first pitch

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Tech and georgie play the first of a staggered three game series tonight at 7:00 PM in ATL. Television is regional CSS. Tech is 13-1 (3-0) and ranked as high as #3 in the latest Baseball America poll. The mutts sit at a shaky 8-8 (0-0). The ACC currently holds an 8-6 edge over the SEC in baseball this season. The dogs are currently 1-4 against ACC competition this season, which includes a 1-1 split versus Duke and a sweep by the Seminoles.

The dogs have pitched Chase Hawkins (3.29 ERA) and Eric Swegman (8.44 ERA) in weekday games this year. Look for one of the two to take the mound against Tech's Mark Pope (0.00 ERA). The dogs are currently allowing 7.75 runs/game. At Tech's current defensive effort of 3.00 runs allowed per game, it will take 27 ADDITIONAL games for Tech's defense to give up as many runs as the dogs have in their first 16 games.

The terrible ERA of the bulldogs is not their only problem. They're batting a lowly 0.301 (slugging 0.452) as opposed to Tech's 0.364 (slugging 0.620). The putrid georgie offense has accounted for 40 less runs than Tech's despite having played 2 more games. In short, the dogs are struggling.

Unfortunately for Tech, the game is relatively meaningless beyond pride. Tech is on pace for an NCAA berth and looks to have a solid season. georgie will need the game (as usual) to bolster their body of work come selection time. Hopefully, Danny and the boys get fired up to punk the dogs in the Rusty C. Talent and skill-wise, the Jackets should have a huge upper hand on the pups.