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Turtle is back on the menu...

First off, here is Ted's segment on the radio yesterday before UNC. The conversation can still be applied to tonight.


Now, let's look at some quotes about last night:

It also revealed nothing we didn't already know about the Yellow Jackets. GT's guard play is horrendous as ever, and they had more turnovers (13) than assists (11). There's still no real PG, they jack way too many threes, and ignore Derrick Favors too much. Maryland's solid perimeter defense will cause them problems, and Gary Williams has the knowledge and guard play to exploit it on the other end. - Ben Broman (Testudo Times)


North Carolina had made a stunning 17-0 run over 7:13 in the first half that put the Tar Heels up 24-13. Of UNC's seven shots from the floor in the run, six were layups. Everything was way too easy for Carolina -- and way too hard for Georgia Tech. But Tech reversed that in the second half. "Congratulate Georgia Tech," said Roy Williams who likely will miss his first NCAA tournament since his first year at Kansas in 1989. "I think that will help them." - Carroll Rogers (AJC)


For awhile at least, this team played like they wanted to be there. Some of it was more Tech's ineptitude than anything else; the Yellow Jackets came out slow and unfocused, with nine turnovers and 2-11 shooting from behind the arc in the first half. The Heels, on the other hand, outhustled, outrebounded and plain embarrassed Tech in the first half. Even with their all-too familiar poor shooting, UNC went into the locker room with a ten point lead, led by Marcus Ginyard, who was everywhere on the court spurring the team on. - T.H. (Carolina March)


Complaining in a seemingly growing refrain, some Georgia Tech fans have been pleading with the school — via online team message boards, Twitter and various other mediums — to let go of its head coach after his team once again finished the regular season without a winning conference record. The Yellow Jackets’ 7-9 ACC showing marked the eighth time a Georgia Tech team failed to finish above .500 in conference play since the head coach was hired nine years ago. - Coley Harvey (Macon Telegraph)

What do you think about Tech's match up tonight with the Terps? I think Tech fans should be relatively confident. We lost a tough one in College Park but physically we dominated the Terps. Take away their 17,950 fans and our guards might play an okay game. Hell, we should beat the Terps by 10 if we play up to our potential. They have no answer for Derrick Favors or Gani Lawal. Let us know your thoughts. WOOHOO! If Tech wins tonight, Winfield owes CPH a big hug.