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The rest of the ACC season

A Super Bowl! A home win over Sidney Lowe! What an exciting weekend! Looking ahead to the rest of the ACC season, we can project a few things. Assuming winning percentage is the only factor that determines a team's worth, the following table is the projected finish of the ACC based on remaining schedules:


Also, I recalculated the home/away wins/losses table to see how GT's remaining schedule fares with the rest of the conference. We still have the 2nd hardest schedule for the remainder of the ACC schedule. UVA took our place as worst schedule remaining after our 19 point Duke crapfest.

KEY --- HW: Home wins, HL: Home losses, RW: Road wins, RL: Road losses, RSW: Remaining opponents' ACC wins, RSL: Remaining opponents' ACC losses, RSR: Remaining schedules ranked by opponents' winning percentages (1 = good, 12 = bad), CSW: Opponent wins corrected based on road/home, CSW: Opponent losses corrected based on road/home, CSR: Remaining schedules ranked based on corrected schedule winning percentages (1 = good, 12 = bad)