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A FTRS Exclusive

We have learned from multiple sources that Roddy Jones has joined the Georgia Tech baseball team.  Roddy began practicing with the team this past week when they opened up pre-season practice.  

Some of you may know already, but Roddy was a stud baseball prospect in his high school days.  He was a 4 year letter winner in center field and was drafted in the 39th round by the Chicago White Sox.  Of course Roddy decided to go to college and play football.

Playing baseball in college has always been a possibility for Roddy, but for whatever reason he hasn't decided to take on 2 sports at Tech until now.  The center field position for the Joltin Jackets is pretty much set with Jeff Rowland, who also leads off.  The right fielder spot is currently taken by Chase Burnette, but his spot is less secure than Rowland's.  So Roddy could fit in out in right.  

However, I wouldn't expect him to start any time soon as it'll take awhile for him to get his timing back at the plate.  Roddy's speed will add another dimension to our attack.  Rowland is really the only threat on the bases, so adding Roddy's speed to the lineup will be a great addition.  

More on this story as it develops.  Since I can't find any highlights of Roddy's baseball career, here's an oldie but goodie.

Good luck to Roddy on being Tech's newest 2 sport athlete!