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Friday Links to help you pretend to be busy

Here's some links from around the blogosphere that I read and found interesting. Happy Friday everybody!

Dook game

Duke Slugs Past Georgia Tech, 86-67
To us, the enduring mystery of this Tech team is two-fold: 1) why is Favors nearly invisible, given his massive reputation as a high school senior, and 2) why can’t Tech tap into Lawal and Favors more easily? They are gifted players, but their productivity hasn’t been what it should be.

Georgia Tech football

Early signing period? - Heather Dinich
OMG! I'm linking an HD article! Simply for the awesome Paul Johnson quote: "I'm in favor of having a signing period the day they want to sign," Johnson said. "I don't even think you need a period. Everybody has 85 scholarships and you can't sign more than 25 in a year. If a kid right now wants to sign for 2011, let him sign. It would take away all the circus because what would happen is you wouldn't have all these soft verbals. I don't know what a soft verbal is. I tell kids all the time, if you're visiting other places than you're not committed."


The Nebraska Volleyball Team vs. Football Team Starring Niles Paul
The Husker volleyball squad takes the football team to the whipping shed and Niles Paul gets pounded IN THE FACE!!!!!!!

13-year-old 'commits' to USC, and pancakes for breakfast - Dr. Saturday

A 96-team NCAA Tournament just happens to be 31 too many - Searching for Billy Edelin
... the idea of expanding the tournament to 96-teams would, in essence, kill that feeling of elation you get on day one when games that matter replace soap operas and tired game shows.