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Dook Q&A with the Duke Basketball Report

This girl doesn't go to Dook.
This girl doesn't go to Dook.

In anticipation of tonight's match-up against the Blue Devils, we sent some questions over to the Duke Basketball Report. Unfortunately, I don't think they thought our questions were very good or funny. I guess this is what happens when everybody either hates you or loves are wary of any type of taunting you may receive. Regardless, be sure to check out DBR for anything newsworthy about Duke Basketball (we're still working on finding a football guy).

FTRS: Here is the ACC against other conferences YTD:
ACC OOC Record: 136-31 broken down as such...

ACC is 8-4 against Big East
ACC is 7-5 against SEC
ACC is 7-7 against Big 10
ACC is 1-2 against Big 12
ACC is 2-2 against Pac 10
ACC is 111-11 against the rest.

What do you think about these stats? Is it a down year for the ACC? Or are other conferences stepping it up?/ As a reference, we are looking at Georgetown beating thrashing the Blue Devils last week.

DBR: It's a combination of things.  The ACC is a bit down by historical standards - UNC is in tenth place and that's still hard to believe.  The Big East is very good, as is the Big 12, but I'm not as sold on the SEC.  The PAC-10 is pitiful this year.

FTRS: Why are there so many white players on Duke's basketball team?

DBR: Is this something that has kept you up at night? (Editors note: Well, not every night, but SOME!) Why not ask why there are so many black players on Georgia Tech's roster? I mean who cares? If you can play you can play, and Duke is a Top Ten team, so they must have some white guys who can play.  But next year, if it makes you feel better, you can count more black players for Duke. (a little)

FTRS: You have a player named Miles on your team, how does that make you feel?

DBR: This is an odd question to come from a man who goes by the name Winfield [Featherston] Tufts which sounds like an English term for a Brazilian wax.  I love the kid.  He did a Vince Carter this summer and jumped right over 7-1 Brian Zoubek.  His upside is incredible.

The Duke Basketball Report gritted their teeth as they answered these questions. Regardless, we appreciate them taking some time and entertaining us.

Go Jackets!