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2010 Football Recruits: 2 Defensive Lineman

On the day before National Signing Day, we'll take a look at the last 2 defensive lineman in this class.  A quick side note though... there was one comment from a reader yesterday about doing a review of last year's recruiting class to see how they'll impact the team this coming season.  Fear not Techies, there has been a plan in the works (by me) the whole time to do just that.  I did want to get started on it earlier, but I decided to take y'all through this class and then review last year's class closer to spring practice since that's when their names will start appearing more often.  

Onto the topic of the day.  The first commit we'll discuss is Shawn Green.  One thing to I should say is that I incorrectly reported that Ryan Ayers was the only commit in this class to play in the Under Armour All-American game.  Shawn Green was also took part in that game.  Sorry for the misinformation.  Shawn's a defensive tackle from Grayson HS in Loganville, GA.  He's listed at 6'3" and about 275 lbs.  This guy has the potential to be that man-eater in the middle of Al Groh's defense.  There isn't much video available of Shawn online, but if ESPNU ever replays the UA All-American game make sure you watch it to check out both Shawn and Ryan.  Because we really don't know what Groh is looking for in a DT/nose tackle, it's tough to say whether or not Shawn will see the field next year.  I believe he's got the talent to do it, I think it's a matter of whether he has enough size and if he can pick up the defensive scheme quickly enough when he arrives on campus.

The next player in this class is defensive end Anthony Williams from Union Grove HS in McDonough, GA.  He's listed at 6'4" and 230 lbs.  Cool fact about Anthony is that he was good friends with Daryl Robertson, a former Tech DE.  Interesting also because they seem like they are similar players coming out of high school.  Most noticeably they are both really tall and pencil thin for their positions.  Anthony has plenty of room to add muscle to his frame while not losing any speed.  According to some of the analysis by the recruiting sites, Anthony isn't all that explosive off the ball and may end up being a better run stopper than pass rusher.  If this holds true, I'd expect Anthony to stay at DE in our new scheme even with his lean frame.  He's definitely a work in progress and will most likely red-shirt a year.

That's all for now.  We'll have plenty more updates throughout the week... Hopefully we'll have a surprise commit to report on later this week (no idea if that's true, just hoping because I love the excitement).