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Q&A with Testudo Times

We put together another preview of Maryland for all you loyal readers and commenters out there that are still on the internet on a Friday night (I don't pity you). I contacted Testudo Times editor Ben Broman (manliest name ever) for some quality answers to my quality questions. Check out Testudo Times for responses to his questions. Here's the response:

1. Let's be honest with each other. Gary Williams has a 12-4 record against Paul Hewitt. What do Maryland fans think of Paul Hewitt coached teams?
Broman: We see Hewitt as a guy that can recruit with the best of them - evidenced by pulling Favors - but is below-average Xs and Os-wise. That's the opposite of Gary Williams, and some people have suggested fusing them together to create Gary Hewitt (or mixing with Roy Williams to create....Gary Williams). Honestly, I don't think Hewitt's that bad of a coach - recruiting is half the battle, and it's one thing Hewitt really does well that some others can't.

I will say this, though: I don't mind Paul Hewitt as Georgia Tech's coach. And when the opponent likes your coach to be your coach, that's probably a bad situation.

2. What are the postseason goals of this season's Maryland squad (ACCT and NCAAT)?
Broman: A growing contigent of fans think a darkhorse ACCT run is possible. Greivis Vasquez's last hurrah, if you will. Others think that a Sweet 16 is the only acceptable postseason performance. Honestly, one or the other should suffice to make most fans happy.

The problem is that we've played poorly on the road, like most ACC teams do, but to a greater extent. Maryland looks like a top 15 team on their court, but on the road? Spanked by Duke and almost lost to N.C. State. It's a delicate balance that has caused a lot of fans to temper their non-home expectations a bit.

3. Greivis Vasquez and Jon Scheyer probably receive the most exposure of any player in the ACC. Are these two the leading candidates for MVP of the 2010 ACC season? Or does a big man like Gani Lawal, Al-Farouq Aminu, or Trevor Booker deserve consideration?
Broman: I see no way, at this point, that it's not Scheyer or Vasquez. Maybe Malcolm Delaney gets in the discussion if VT finishes second, but it'll only be a race for 2nd place against Scheyer at that point. If you don't want to see Scheyer win it, Vasquez is your best hope. For Vaz to have a chance, Maryland will probably need to tie Duke in the standings (still possible) and Vasquez will have to play well against Duke the second time around after laying an egg in Cameron.

As for the big men, none have been utterly dominant this year, and that's what it takes to win Player of the Year as a big. In the recent past, there have been some dominant bigs and not a lot in the way of dominant point guards. This year, the script has been flipped.

4. If a 16 team conference became status quo for all major conferences, who would you want John Swofford to tempt in to the ACC? Would you you prefer more teams in proximity of Maryland or more teams in the Deep South?
Broman: We've been the red-headed stepchild of the ACC for awhile now, commiserating with BC about being left out of the Tobacco Road and Deep South fun. I'd definitely like to get some more Mid-Atlantic teams, if possible.

It's tough to find that balance of football and basketball prowess in this area. I'd certainly look at Navy for the football aspect, and it would create a solid local rivalry that's already budding. Considering BC's already joined the party, there's no reason not to start to fill in the gap between Maryland and Massachusetts, so Temple and, to a lesser extent, Pitt would both be solid targets. Given they've already taken a run at Syracuse before, they might as well try again. UCONN would do well to join to BC in New England, and brings a solid football/basketball combo.

Of course, the South would still need a team or two, and but there are a few more contenders to look at there. ECU and USF would draw looks, and would be the easiest gets. South Carolina would be a great addition if they could be wooed from the SEC (doubtful). But really, the major focus would have to be on the North, and actually fixing the divisional alignments to make more sense (North vs. South).

5. Scott Van Pelt and Pam Ward enter the Octagon. Who exits gloriously as a victor? Who is carried off by his/her trainers?
Broman: No brainer: Van Pelt would wipe the floor with Ward. SVP is one of the all time sports anchor greats. Awful Announcing named their weekly review of terrible commentating "The Pam Ward Chronicles" for a reason.

Oh, and SVP has a wicked right hook.

Thanks to Ben and Testudo Times for their time. May they feel the sting of the Yellow Jackets tomorrow afternoon.